star NEW: NSF AO "Dear Colleague Letter" and ASAP Reply

 The Case for Multiuser Facilities  by Richard Behnke and Robert Robinson

 ASAP White Papers in Science Memos


Statement of Purpose

The Arecibo Science Advocacy Partnership (ASAP) seeks to advance the scientific excellence of Arecibo Observatory research and to publicize its accomplishments in astronomy, aeronomy and planetary radar.

To fulfill this mission, the ASAP Board has set these overall goals:

- Showcase the broad impact and far-reaching implications of the science currently carried out with this unique instrument;

- Promote the potential of Arecibo for groundbreaking science, and suggest the paths that will maximize it into the foreseeable future;

- Provide a forum for the Arecibo research community and enhance communication within it; and

- Mobilize the existing broad base of support for Arecibo science within the fields it serves directly, the broad scientific community, and the general public.


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