Arecibo Futures Talk Series

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May 6 - AO2.0 Committee Kickoff: AO2.0: From Science to Design
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March 3 - Anish Roshi, Head of AO Radio Astronomy: Fresh Beginnings at the Arecibo Observatory

Dec. 9 - Luca Olmi: Reflectarrays 101: A Non-expert Review and Potential Application for the New AO Facility

Dec. 1 - Don Campbell: Celebrating the William E. Gordon 305 m Telescope: Its History and Scientific Achievements

Nov. 18 - P. K. Manoharan: The Arecibo Collapse: Impact on the Health of its Science Communities

Sept. 23 - Anish Roshi: Next Generation Arecibo Telescope

Sept. 2 - Mike Nolan: The Legacy Arecibo Telescope as the Protoptype

Aug.12 - Francisco Córdova: Arecibo Status and Overview