Feb 15, 2008: Arecibo Observatory Astronomers Discover First Near-Earth Triple Asteroid

   February 5, 2008: National Geographic "Building Blocks of Life Detected in Distant Galaxy"

   September 9, 2007: Radio Telescope And Its Budget Hang in the Balance

   August 29, 2007: Profs to Defend Arecibo Funding in D.C.

   March 17, 2007: The Planetary Society: "Call to Action: Arecibo Radio Telescope"

   November 20, 2007: New York Times "A Hazy Future for a ‘Jewel’ of Space Instruments"

   March 24, 2008: Observatory in Puerto Rico struggles to stay open

   July 4, 2008: Save Arecibo Observatory PRESS RELEASE

   July 5, 2008: U.S. not prepared for possible asteroid strike

   July 8, 2008: Arecibo Observatory and Space Research in Jeopardy

     The Arecibo Observatory

     Conversation with the Cosmos - an upcoming documentary about the Arecibo Observatory

     Future of the Arecibo Observatory

     NSF Senior Review

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