Advocacy and Outreach Committee


We work to advocate for the future of the Arecibo Observatory and share its unparalleled scientific and cultural impact with scientific communities, policy and decision makers, community leaders, and the general public alike.

Facilitate and participate in government and community advocacy
Organize, facilitate, and track special sessions, workshops, and AO-related outreach events
Collate Public lectures and articles written about AO

- Advocacy Campaign for Design Study
- Congressional Resolution in Support of AO
- Meetings with government and OSTI representatives
- Congressional panel in DC with BUDPR and congressional visit in Puerto Rico.
- Letters to congresspeople to put AO in the Innovation act bill.
- AIP Venture Fund Proposal.
- AAS Plenary Talk, Hector Arce, Jan 2022
- AAS AO Special Session 1 - AO REU Program
- AAS AO Special Session 2 - AO EPO Panel
- Letters to NSHP, SACNAS, NSBP to solicit support for AO
- Articles about AO

Sample Letter to Conference Committee Members
Leave Behind 1-pager Summary Document