The goals of ASAP are articulated in its Statement of Purpose (SoP) and mission statement. Its membership is open to anyone, and consists of voting members (who are not employees of NAIC/UCF), and non-voting members (employees of NAIC/UCF). ASAP in general follows a "Shared Leadership Model", with all members having equal weight/voice. All non-NAIC/UCF employees can lead a committee or initiative.

The ASAP Management Board will consist of at least 13 members who agree with organization goals as articulated in its Statement of Purpose (SoP) and mission statement, and are prepared to promote these actively. The board members will consist of 9 x "at-large" ASAP members elected (or re-elected) to three-year terms of service by a free vote of all ASAP members, and in addition a representative of each of the ASAP Standing Committees (see below). Ideally, the primary interests of the 9 "at-large" board members will be divided 3 x space and atmospheric physicists, 3 x planetary radar astronomers, and 3 x radio astronomers.

After initial "population" of the Board with 3 "legacy" and 6 elected members agreeing to serve for terms of 1, 2 or 3 years, 3 board members will be replaced/re-elected by an election of the full ASAP membership each year. If a board member resigns, or is otherwise removed from, the Board before completion of their term of service, the Board will co-opt a replacement for the remainder of their term. Of the 3 "at-large" board members elected annually to 3-year terms of service, representatives should be elected from each of the three scientific disciplines which have primary long-term interest in Arecibo operations, (i.e. aeronomy, solar-system physics and radio astronomy).

The Board is the responsible authority for every aspect of ASAP -- i.e. its goals, positions, actions, website and finances. A vote of half of the sitting Board plus one will be required to adopt any goal or position. A 2/3 board majority is needed to amend the SoP, mission statement or these Bylaws. Issues raised and seconded by any two Board members will be discussed and voted on promptly by the Board. Voting will be carried out over Zoom in real time, if there is a quorum. Otherwise, it can be done electronically, via google form, Slack, or e-mail. Board members will make every effort to vote promptly. In case of ties, the chair of the Board will cast the deciding vote.

Only Board members may speak officially on behalf of ASAP, and then only in keeping with previously agreed ASAP goals and positions. Board and ASAP members will distinguish clearly in their public statements between ASAP positions, and those they express as individuals. Adopted ASAP goals and positions will be posted in appropriate sections of the ASAP website.

ASAP will host a number of standing committees to consider different aspects of the future of Arecibo Observatory, and the interactions between the Observatory and its community in the broadest sense. Each such committee will choose its own leadership, who will determine one of its number to serve as an ASAP Board member.
The ASAP Board will elect an Executive Committee comprised of a Chair, vice-Chair and past Chair, all with one-year terms. The Board is empowered to fill all three positions as needed.

Committees are encouraged to organize themselves around an agreed mission statement or work plan and to select their structure and leadership. Each committee will select a Board representative for a definite term and do so as needed so it can be continuously represented. The Board is responsible for coordinating the committees that form and operate under ASAP auspices. Selected committee representatives serve as full Board members for the terms of their committee appointments. Committee-selected Board members will keep the Board informed on committee activities and the committee informed about Board decisions, advice and requests.

The ASAP fee structure is based on career level -- undergraduate fee level, graduate fee level, full fee level (i.e. anything beyond graduate student). Again, the fee level has no impact on participation, voting power, etc.

The ASAP Board will select persons for the roles of Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and Membership Coordinator. The ASAP Board will create particular roles and positions of responsibility as needed. These will be filled through nomination and election. Board members may volunteer to take on special roles or activities on an 'ad hoc' basis, subject to Board direction and approval. Such roles will be formalized as appropriate by election within six months. The Board Secretary, initially a volunteer, will be subject to election as above, or may represent a temporary need.

The ASAP Board will hold virtual meetings monthly, and more often should events require. A quorum will consist of 6 members, including the Chair (or their appointed substitute.) The Chair will facilitate these meetings, providing an agenda 24 hours in advance to all Board members. The Board Secretary will be responsible for providing e-mail minutes to all board members within 48 hours of the meeting, indicating decisions made or to be made. They will also separately specify 'action items'.